Which VPS Modal

The choice of VPS in 6 key points

Already made the choice between Canada linux VPS and Canada Windows VPS ?

  • DeluxServers offers you some advice on choosing the server model that suits you best.
  • Find 6 tips below for choosing the VPS model best suited to your needs.

  • CPU, RAM, disk space, geolocation: a few easy tips!
  • How much RAM/how much disk space/which processor do I need?

    To answer these questions, first ask yourself:

  • How will I use my VPS today and how will I use it in a few months time?
  • What applications do I want to install?
  • Do I need additional IPs?

    You may need to add IPs to your VPS in several situations:

  • Installation of an SSL certificate
  • Allocation of dedicated IP address to each site on your server (otherwise websites hosted will be given the server IP by default)
  • Use of different IPs for different channels such as web, mobile applications, etc.
  • Assigning different IPs to different services (CMS, database, etc)
  • Server OS: Linux or Windows for my VPS?

    Aside from your own competences and habits, the software deployed on your server will mostly determine your choice.

    A Windows server is often required if you develop in .NET or plan to deploy Microsoft applications, or apps designed for these platforms.

    Most open-source technologies (CMS, PHP, MySQL) can easily be deployed in a Linux environment if you have the necessary skills. You can also opt for the pre-installed versions provided by DeluxServers to reduce the risk of incorrect installation.

    In any case, Windows and Linux are offered at the same price* at DeluxServers, which allows you to reinstall your server if you later decide you made the wrong choice.

    How to evaluate my future needs?

    Keep things simple... think about it when the time comes!

    We are aware that your needs change, which is why we have made a long-term commitment to your projects. The RAM you need today is not necessarily the same as what you'll need tomorrow, and the same goes for storage and other resources.

    That's why our offers keep evolving, and you can upgrade your VPS at any time in just a few clicks.

    How to manage several websites on one VPS?

    Want more control over the multi-site hosting? Get a central and simplified view of all your web projects on a single VPS

    Manage your websites, even without server administration skills:

    Plesk, cPanel or our DeluxServers release allow you to manage all your sites on a single VPS in a user-friendly, simplified interface.

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